Our Staff

Jeff Houseman

Director of York Stationers, Jeff promotes his business as a fun outfit, and his customers appreciate the light-heartedness in a world that can be too serious. Nonetheless, he is a diligent businessman who never compromises on customer service. This aspect of a strong work ethic earned him a 2012 Westpac Small Business Award. Jeff believes teamwork is the key to success. Working collaboratively with staff, suppliers and  customers alike, Jeff’s long-standing relationships with all are testament to his business integrity.

Darryl Pitt

Working in tandem with Jeff is Darryl. This stalwart has occupied the same chair since 1988. His commitment to the business is above and beyond the call of duty. An ardent sun worshipper, Darryl has been known to sacrifice a weekend on the beach to come in and paint the walls. Now that's loyalty! With his easy laugh and as York Stationers' own in-house Yoda — patiently listening to clients and happily dispensing words of wisdom where necessary — Darryl is a very popular staff member.